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Campus Resources

Disclaimer: Badger Support Network is dedicated to addressing and promoting mental well-being on our campus and offering peer support to UW students. However, student facilitators are not trained professionals. If you think you or another student may need professional mental health services or are in crisis, please refer to the resources below or dial 911.


Mental Health Services

PurposeNo-cost mental health services that include individual, couple/partner, group counseling, outreach programming, and stress management. We also offer 24/7 crisis services. Psychiatry services are also available for medication management.

Contact: (608) 265-5600


Psychology Research and Training Clinic

Purpose: Provides confidential psychological services to adults,
adolescents, and children at low cost

Contact: (608) 262-5925


University Survivor Services

Purpose: UHS survivor Services provides free victim advocacy and confidential support to UW-Madison student victim/survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and/or stalking. Our staff can provide emotional support, assist with arranging academic and housing accommodations, can provide information about reporting options, and support survivors in deciding what is most helpful for them.

Contact: (608) 265-5600 (option 3)


Gender and Sexuality Campus Center

PurposeThe Gender and Sexuality Campus Center provides education,
outreach, advocacy, and resources for UW-Madison student communities and their allies to improve campus climate and their daily intersectional experiences

Contact: (608) 265-3344


MultiCultural Student Center

Purpose:  The primary mission of the Multicultural Student Center is to 10
collaboratively strengthen and sustain an inclusive campus where all students, particularly students of color and other historically underserved students, can realize an authentic Wisconsin Experience.

Contact: (608) 262-4503


Alcohol and
Other Drug
Abuse Services

Purpose: UHS utilizes the spectrum of prevention to create a comprehensive strategy that addresses complex societal issues such as alcohol abuse. We collect data to reduce risk factors, promote protective factors, and implement best practices.

Contact: (608) 265-5600



Prevention Services

PurposeUW–Madison is committed to creating a safe space for learning and working and hopes to engage student support systems as part of that process. All students deserve a place to learn, grow, and succeed. However, mental health issues are a growing
concern for college students and can impact a student’s academic and social experience. Family, friends, faculty and staff can play a significant role in supporting student mental health and
well-being. Join us in making UW-Madison a place where students can thrive.

Contact: (608) 265-5600


Violence Prevention Services

Purpose:  UHS Violence Prevention works to build the capacity of the campus community to prevent violence, support survivors and shift the culture. We do this through delivering educational and skill-building programs, providing assistance to students, staff and faculty working to create change on campus, and facilitating coalitions and partnerships.

Contact: (608) 265-5600

McBurney Disability Resource Center

Purpose: McBurney Disability Resource Center works with UW-Madison students with physical, learning, hearing, vision, psychological, health and other disabilities substantially affecting a major life activity (e.g., walking, communicating, learning, seeing, breathing, reading, etc.)

Contact: (608) 263-2741

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