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About Badger Support Network

When did Badger Support Network launch?

  • Badger Support Network (BSN) launched in 2020

Is Badger Support Network only for students? 

  • Yes!! BSN was made as a resource for students

Who leads Badger Support Network's weekly groups?

  • Weekly Groups are led by University of Wisconsin students

  • After an application and interview process, these students undergo a holistic health and well-being training by various resources to create a space and dialogue that is consistently inviting, inclusive and engaging

How many students are usually in a Weekly Group?

  • Weekly groups typically consist of 6-10 students

When and where do Weekly Groups meet?

  • Students can select a time and place that works best with their schedule. 

What are Drop-In Groups?

  • Drop-In Groups are held each Friday from 3-4p this semester. Drop-In Groups are welcome to anyone who missed the cutoff to join a weekly group-- they are also lead by peer leaders who are trained by our mental health professional. 

Is Badger Support Network group therapy?

  • No, but in the past it has been referred to as therapeutic. It is a simply a safe, inclusive, and confidential environment for students to engage honestly with one another.

Is Weekly Group only for students with mental illnesses?

  • No, weekly group is designed for all students, as we hope to address and promote mental health and well-being for all students.

What happens after I fill out the form (under the 'Join' tab)?

  • The BSN director team will be in touch with you about your group placement for the semester. Feel free to reach out to with any questions/concerns. 

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